German freedom – utopia!

by Katharine Siegling

Bloody pretext

Clasping her rhombus, SHE is worried. SHE is afraid... as always!


So is the “good citizen”. He is afraid, he loves to be worried. He loves his fear, it is to him a heritage to cherish and hold dear. However costly, even cheap it may be!

He’s got it: his pretext, the big fear that enchains him, that he can resort to in the sweat of his brow at night, so as to have a grip on his shallow conscience, however confused it may be.

He is worried, the little citizen. At the same time, he feels relief: no need to decide, no need to act. He may continue to be worried, all content in his anxiety so soothing.

He is doing well!

No, fear is not the monster. Fear is his lucrative business partner, is his propaganda, inspires his imagination, and puts some colour in his life.

He is only worried, the “good citizen”.


His hands are stained with blood


© Excerpt from „German Freedom – Utopia!" by Katharine Siegling, Genève


To be continued...