Our Vision

The current situation

A so-called "spiritual renewal" has taken place in both of the state churches in the past 50 years. Free patterns and charismatic elements have been adopted into the services. All of this facade enhancement was supposed to create the impression of a living and modern church. What a deception!

Those who sincerely reached out for the word of God and the free moving of the Holy Spirit have been deceived, betrayed and deprived of their spiritual inheritance. The rapidly proceeding decadence of the state churches on their way to self-destruction is undenyable proof.

Even the free churches which are unattached to the structures of the state churches have budged because of fear. Pressured by a power-posessed state church apparatus, they learned that the freedom to believe in the word of God and to be led by the Holy Spirit is followed by the exclusion from state church dominated associations.

As a consequence, they tried to force the work of the Holy Spirit to comply with church control mechanisms, religious traditions and their own ideas. Thus, the truth of the word of God and the person of the Holy Spirit have been shamefully betrayed and sold in turn for recognition by the state church. 

A new generation

It is our vision to support a new, fervent generation of men, women, children and teenagers, who love the word of God and the work of the Holy Spirit more than the spirit of this world.

A generation that will boldly stand up for the truth of the word of God in firm conviction.

A generation that will not compromise the truth, but refuses to bow to corrupt, religious pressure.

A generation that will clear the way for the powerful word of God to work together with the person of the Holy Spirit.

A generation that is willing to follow the Holy Spirit in whatever he does. 

People whom Jesus calls "new wineskins". Flexible, vibrant and strong! (cf. Matthew 9:17)

We are convinced that every person and every church that will open up for the work of the Holy Spirit can experience the glory of God.

New wine into new wineskins!