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Luther, the Source of Anti-Semitism in Germany

"Luther, the Source of Anti-Semitism in Germany" is a report by Vivian and Andreas Fischer more...

A Word of Encouragement

Dear Friends,

we thank you for your kind and encouraging words. 
Great joy fills our hearts when we hear how our messages have touched your lives.

Together we do our part to promote respect for human dignity through the power of love.

Our conviction is to treat people who experience humiliation with sensitivity.

Freedom is the most precious value, we need to defend in order to truly unfold our personality. Together we do not tolerate people who restrict, oppress or isolate us or others because they don't want to share these untouchable values.

Let's stand for it together!

From all of our hearts and with love,


Vivian and Andreas Fischer

Martin Luther, the source of anti-semitism in Germany