Who else, but us?


Open Heaven - so close to heaven

I am so happy, God healed me in the Sunday service on May 6th.
I had excruciating pains in my left arm and could not move it. That morning I needed help to get dressed because the pain was so strong. It radiated into my left chest. I went to church wishing that that the Lord would meet my need through the preaching of his word and deliver me from this pain. But the service took a totally unexpected turn! Katharine Siegling didn't even preach that day, the whole service was nothing but a demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit. It started during worship already and lasted for about 4 hours, I was totally amazed the whole time. When Katharine Siegling suddenly said: "Be free from pain in your limbs!", I was instantly healed, fell from my chair and laughed and cried at the same time in the anointing. When I went home that day, I was totally changed person and still amazed.

K.W., teacher

I am speechless. Of all the things I had imagined, I did not expect such intense, accomplished, and unusual worship. I think I have never heard anything like this before. [...] And rarely ever have I experienced so much enthusiasm in one place, in a room like this one, like here.

Pastor of a charismatic church in Berlin

It was during an Openheaven concert: Suddenly the room filled with such a sweet atmosphere and then it felt like a mighty, hot wind. Tears welled up in my eyes, I had never experienced anything like this before, never had I felt the atmosphere change like this in a concert. Later I understood that that was the Glory of God. I just love to be in this atmosphere. It feels as if you were swimming and your whole body was enveloped in this breathtaking glory and anointing.

Concert feedback, industrial mechanic

I had the privilege of enjoying a choice concert by Openheaven. I have never experienced anything like it before! The lyrics, the devotion, the love, the anointing, and the presence of the Holy Spirit are so amazing! That very night I radically surrendered my life to God again!


What is Glory?

Today is such a beautiful day

So close to heaven

Who else, but us?