Testimonies - real life experiences!

Read and find out how people experienced the supernatural power of God.

Many received new perspectives for their personal lives through the powerful messages of Katharine Siegling.

They were inspired by the living word of God and experienced a mighty change in their quality of life. 

Completely healed from tinnitus
Since I had this annoying whistling in my ears, I went to see a doctor.
He diagnosed me with tinnitus. I suffered for months. Despite medical treatment it did not get any better.
Recently, in a service of Glory International, Katharine Siegling prayed for sick people. When she prayed for me, the power of God touched me mightily. Since then I have not been annoyed with this whistling in my ears. I was healed and thank God with all of my heart.

Delivered from debt, alcohol and smoking
Even though I had been a Christian for a long time, my life first changed from minus to plus under the ministry of Katharine Siegling. I got to know Jesus and the word of God in a deeper way and received joy, freedom and dignity. Jesus delivered me from my chaotic life of debt, addiction to alcohol, smoking and promiscuity.

Burnt out leader experiences radical change
Even though I was a leader in one of the largest pentecostal-charismatic churches in Germany, I more and more slid into spiritual emptiness…

It is obvious that too many people suffer from the same problem I sufferd from. The things I hear in my personal contact with other leaders and pastors prove it:

They are burnt out and have run out of spiritual food to feed to their church members. They try to come up with programs, too often inspired by the world, which contain "a bit of Jesus", and then sell these programs to the people as "godly".

This behavior pattern develops because the value of the word of God and the truth in it is being replaced with human opinions. The work of the Holy Spirit is being scrutinzed until he finally leaves and his work ceases.

And then it gets even worse: They stoop to the level of the Evangelical Alliance – a spiritual disaster for Charismatics!

Glory International – an anointed ministry, a great work!

The things I experienced with Glory International make everything else I have seen in my spiritual "career" and in other large, German churches from Hamburg to Röhrenbach look pale.

The services do not follow a rigid, liturgic program, but are led by the Holy Spirit.

The messages are not just stories, they are not superficial and not based on human doctrines. They are fervent and clear. They teach faith and show how real and effective the word of God is today.

I am impressed by the excellence, love, and kindness of these people and their genuine faith and sincere lifestyle.

I have never experienced anything so real in any other church in Germany!

It is very unusual for a church in this country to be founded and headed by a woman.

It is obvious: A great work has been established through the anointed ministry of Katharine Siegling. God uses her mightily to spread his word and restore leaders like me, whose faith is cripppled like mine was.

Pastors and leaders in Germany must rethink!

Our world of male pastors and church leaders must rethink radically.

We should no longer pat eachother's backs and boast with numerical church growth. Let's be honest: Many people hold several church memberships at the same time!

All of us should assure ourselves of the unusual, prophetic anointing and call of Katharine Siegling.

We should remember:

Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets. (Amos 3:7)

Nicolai Schiemann, nicolai.schiemann@googlemail.com

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