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Rhema Academy

Leaders for Revival

Leaders - the solution for revival (Part 1.2)

Rhema Akademie

Leiterschaft für Erweckung

Voraussetzungen für Leiterschaft (Teil 1.1)

Born Out of God and the Healing of your Soul - Part 2

Only when you are born out of God your spirit has the supernatural ability in Christ to heal your soul. 

Aus Gott geboren und die Heilung deiner Seele

Nur wenn du aus Gott geboren bist, besitzt dein Geist in Christus die übernatürliche Fähigkeit, deine Seele zu heilen.

"Thus says the Lord"

About this message:The typical "German Angst" keeps many of those who are called to preach in a state of oppression and discouragement. They stay silent instead of speaking up. "This is what the Lord says" is a call to those people - but certainly not to hirelings!

The Encounter with the Fire II

God wants you to understand your position in him and stand firm in it. 

The Encounter with the Fire I

He was an ordinary man - until he had an encounter with the fire of God. God wants to put his word and his fire into your heart, so that you can fulfill his calling. 


The Holy Spirit: New Wine for New Wineskins

A Dangerous Game with the Fire of the Holy Spirit

For the Fire of the Holy Spirit

For more than 2000 years, the Lord has been longing to see the fire of the Holy Spirit blaze across the earth - including Germany! Do you share his desire? 

Free to make decisions in the Holy Spirit

Welcome Holy Spirit

As you allow the Holy Spirit to capture and lead you, your heart will fill with his beauty. Your love and adoration for your creator will be deeper than ever before.

Free to Make Decisions

You jeopardize the freedom and passion that you need to follow Jesus if you try to go with the flow. 

Jesus, the precious word of God, sets the standard. 

Revival, Passion and the Reward

When you love the word of God and when his fire falls, you can be sure that the impossible becomes possible.

by Katharine Siegling

The Kachelmann Story II

Systematic Slander

There is a dangerous gap in our society between illusion and reality. We should read the signs of the times. 

The Kachelmann Story 

Future Prospects of the German "Free" Church 

Envy and jealousy, image cultivation and personal disagreements drive people to become slanderers and informers. They even misuse public authorities to their advantage

Being Free to Make Decisions in the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit, Your Leader


Your Faith and your Miracle 

If the desire in your heart is strong enough, your faith will make the will of God manifest in your life ... 

Useless Wealth

There are two extremes among the people who are afflicted by worries:  One of them is poor, the other one is rich. Both live futile lives and miss out on their personal fulfillment and happiness. The question is why…

Live the promises of God!

God is true to his word. He keeps what he has promised. Your way of thinking and acting determines whether you will live in his promises or not!

Back to the Word

Truth: Yes or no?

Even though people might not want to hear the truth, it will not change the fact that God always has the final say.

Hypocrisy – a German Syndrome

Both society and Christian churches are full of hypocrisy. Finding out what God thinks about it will render you dumbstruck ...